Text & Charsets

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This feature allows to processes the plain text content in request and response: fills Accept header with registered charsets, encode request body and decode response body according to ContentType charset.

本特性在 io.ktor.client.features.HttpPlainText 类中定义,无需任何额外构件。


If no configuration specified in configuration or HTTP call properties, Charsets.UTF_8 is used by default.

val client = HttpClient(HttpClientEngine) {
    Charsets {
        // Allow to use `UTF_8`.

        // Allow to use `ISO_8859_1` with quality 0.1.
        register(Charsets.ISO_8859_1, quality=0.1f)

        // Specify Charset to send request(if no charset in request headers).
        sendCharset = ...

        // Specify Charset to receive response(if no charset in response headers).
        responseCharsetFallback = ...